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kohinoor nets gives you the technologically superior fowl menace solutions in fowl proofing your house and office with the Bird Netting and pigeon Netting.

Bird Net

Bird spikes do not harm birds at all. it is fantastically green and therefore pretty famous. Bird spikes are made from highest exceptional marine grade stainless steel on a poly carbonate base or difficult percent. Kohinoor is one of the best bird netting suppliers in Pune,Maharashtra and India. Kohinoor is the best bird net manufacturer company. No more issues approximately pigeon droppings or illnesses purpose by birds. say good-bye to bird threat .
Bird spikes set up may be carried out at :

  • • air conditioners
  • • window ledges
  • • cctv cameras
  • • railings, columns, signal forums
  • • parapets, chimneys, awnings and climate sheds
  • Benefits of Bird spikes / Pigeon spikes :
  • • anti corrosive and does now not gather rust and dirt.
  • • strong, unbreakable and durable.
  • • to be had in a variety of colorations.
  • • zero renovation.
  • • harmless to birds.
  • • just suit-n-forget it!

Bird netting or anti-bird netting is a shape of bird pest manipulate. It is a net used to prevent birds from attaining certain regions. Bird protection netting comes in a selection of forms and shapes, The maximum common place is a small mesh. The color maximum used is black but also bird netting can be to be had in other hues like white or inexperienced. Kohinoor nets anti-bird netting comes in jumbo rolls with a purpose to offer great financial savings to the farmers or aquaculturalist. retail chains and nearby stores will provide smaller programs that healthy the outside gardener´s wishes.

Pigeon netting:-
the nets have a mesh length of 1 inch to 1.five inch, which makes the internet impregnable to the pigeons and other birds. as soon as hooked up, the birds are saved away for all time.those nets are translucent and therefore are nearly invisible, therefore now not blocking off the air or view and light.the nets are dirt resistant and cleanable without problems with none unique information.the nets are tailor-made based totally on the specific wishes of each place and therefore are aesthetic, clean to install and also clean to remove and fasten for cleansing.these birds netting’s are price effective and we offer high pleasant merchandise.the materials used to make these nets are co-polymer nylon and uv stabilized that's extremely sturdy and sturdy because they are corrosion and rot evidence.the birds aren't harmed in any manner as those nets simplest save you them from perching close to the windows and coming interior and do now not trap or harm them.

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